IDA (>= 5.0), IDA 4.9 might work but not officially tested.
Windows 2000,2003,XP,Vista,2008
Quick Start
Here's the quick instructions you can follow to enjoy binary diffing in few minutes. 
  1. Install Darungrim2 using installer.
  2. Start DarunGrim2.exe from Start Menu.

  3. Select File -> New Diffing From IDA menu.

  4. Select source,target,output files and press OK.

    1. You can drag and drop files to source and target input box.

    2. Output file will be overwritten.

  5. Depending on the binary size, the analysis phase can take from few seconds to few minutes.

  6. When the analysis is done you will see the analys complete message dialog and the list of analyzed subroutines will be listed in the bottom list.

  7. It has node colors painted

IDA Path Configuration
DarunGrim is dependent on IDA and uses IDA for generating database files. So to setup the path for IDA binary, you need to open up conf.ini file under DarunGrim installation directory.
The file has an ini file structure and you just need to setup "IDA" variable inside "Paths" section to appropriate value.
If you encounter any issues use debugview to see what's happening inside DarunGrim engine. You can save the result and attach it with the description of your problem and the system you're running DarunGrim on and send to me(mat<at> or oh.jeongwook<at> I will help you as far as I can.
How to translate the results in graphs?
Nodes without colors has match in the other binary
Nodes with yellow background has match in the other binary, but the contents is modified.
Nodes with red background has no matching node in the other binary.
Compilation  Prerequisites
IDA SDK(>=4.9)
Graphviz binary
Zlib binary