Additional Information

* DarunGrim 2:

DarunGrim2 is a C++ port of original python codes. DarunGrim2 is way faster than DarunGrim 1. 


License: MIT License

No updates since 2010, DarunGrim3 deprecates DarunGrim2.

* DarunGrim 1:
 EBDS(eEye Binary Diffing Suites) was released back in 2006, DarunGrim 1 is a component of EBDS.  

eEye Binary Diffing Suite (EBDS): You can download original EBDS including DarunGrim is C version of DarunGrim engine(using IDA GUI facility)

* About the author - Jeong Wook Oh (Matt Oh):

Other Researches:
AVM Inception (Video): This talk is about bytecode instrumentation for vulnerability and malware analysis. This talk was presented at BayThreat 2011 and Shmoocon 2012.
AMF Parser for Fiddler2: This is a visualization module that can parse and show tree view of AMF data structure
AMF Test Plugin for Fiddler2: This is a plugin for blackbox testing AMF2 protocol
Vulnerability analysis, practical data flow analysis and visualization: At CanSecWest 2012, I talked about method of using dynamic binary instrumentation for vulnerability research. (Full PPT)