2.5.2 (3/30/10)
Configuration file location retrieval from installation registry key
Show Unidentified Blocks on the functions results
Automatic IDA Path Detection
2.5.1 (08/31/09)
Now "New Diffing from IDA" has a user-friendly dialog
IDA-DarunGrim2 data transfer is through dgf file only(shared memory is not supported unless it's requested by any user).
2.5.0 (08/11/09)
Added "Open Binaries with IDA" functionality from File menu. You can synchronize IDA from DarunGrim2.
Shows unidentified functions in Functions bottom tab(Unidentified functions will have no match in the other side and match rate will be 0%)
Fixed issues with merging split blocks
Support for ARM binaries(especially iPhone binaries if you're using IDA 5.2 or higher).
Support for MIPS binaries
DarunGrim2C.exe included, which supports command line diffing.
SortExecutables.exe included, which supports binaries archiving.

Changed the file format to use sqlite. The file size tends to be huge compared to legacy format, but the data file loading time is decreased a lot.

Enhanced fingerprint matching and function matching algorithms to do sanity checks to check if matching blocks are all in same procedures.

Supports for Zoom In/Out Graphs



Removed flickering graphs during scroll

Increased font size

Decreased DGF file loading time